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BB Green prototype

BB Green is an EU funded development project that resulted in the realisation of the BB Green Air Supported Vessel "AiriEl" that runs on an air cushion and thus use 40 % less power than a traditional high-speed catamaran. BB stands for Battery Boat and the batteries are new lightweight LTO batteries.
BB Green prototype could bring 80 passengers into the city at 28 knots while making limited wake wash. It is the ideal commuter that outperforms the car in big cities with traffic congestion and hazardous emissions.
Being emission free will be an absolute must in most cities in the near future. What is even more interesting is that this high-speed electric passenger ferry operates with an energy cost that is 40 – 60 % less than a traditional diesel driven high-speed catamaran.

EU Funded project

In 2012, the project BB Green started with a 3.2 M€ funding from the FP7 EU Programme. The challenge was to develop and build a battery driven ASV (Air Supported Vessel). It was designed by the Norwegian Surface Effect Ships / Effect Ships International and built by Latitude Yachts in Riga. The electric driveline was designed by Echandia Marine in Sweden and the LTO batteries were supplied by Leclanché. The Carbon fibre technology came from DIAB. In May 2016, the vessel was ready for launching

Meanwhile, EU had decided to support the following development into a standardized product through the Horizon 2020 Programme. Horizon 2020 allowed us to further test and improve the prototype that was officially launched in Stockholm in September 2016. Important activities at this stage is the dissemination of BB Green which has developed into a well-known brand-name through marketing and PR-activities at numerous conferences and media contacts.


The development

Technology Readiness Level (TRL) is a method developed within Horizon 2020 to define the maturity level of a technology.
The measurement system provides an understanding of technology status throughout the innovation chain.

Green City Ferries are now situated at level 8 and will soon start the first serial production of the new standardized BB Green 24.

AiriEl the demo ship

AiriEl is the name of the prototype which is being used as a demo vessel. Leaving Riga in September 2016, the tour went to Stockholm for launching. Then through Göta Canal to Gothenburg, continuing to Sandefjord, Norway where the vessel is currently moored.

AiriEl has been used primarily for test and trials but many potential customers has gone for a ride and experienced its soft yet train-like ride comfort. They have also given their feed-back about the vessel that will be considered when BB Green 24 comes into production.

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